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Doula in Cleveland

Sarah is a stellar doula! She is compassionate, passionate, and enthusiastic about what she does. She goes above and beyond before, during, and after birth! It's true, if you're having a baby, you want her there!

Zoe C.


Sarah was everything we could have hoped for in a doula. She was attentive, knowledgeable, patient, and worked incredibly well with both us and the hospital staff to help us have the kind of birth experience we wanted within the constraints of the medical system. She was available and consulted with us before and after the birth, and we look forward to staying in contact with her for years to come. I have said elsewhere: if you are planning and hoping for a natural, low/no-intervention birth, you want a doula, and you want it to be her

Eric S.

Doula in Cleveland

Had my son early this morning! SARAH WAS AMAZING!!!!! She helped me so much all throughout the pregnancy but I could not have had the birthing experience I've always dreamed of without her!!!! She was an absolute godsend and made the night simply wonderful! Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!!! see you next baby! :)

Hannah W.


Sarah has been my friend for many years and doula for the births of two of my children. She is and calm and gentle presence in the delivery room, and her expertise and helpful suggestions are spot on! Having her for the birth of my 6th and 7th child made me able to relax and focus on bringing my beautiful babies into this world. She is also a great photographer! Gratzi, Sarah!

Shoshana L.


Sarah just helped me delivery our baby girl on a very impromptu labor and delivery. My hub had to attend to our 3 other kids as it all happened so fast I had no time to find anyone to take them. I was grateful for the support she gave even though it definitely didn't go as planned. I was so close to losing it during transition. Sarah was able to stay calm and talk me through.

Alissa S.


SARAH IS THE BEST !!!!! We were looking for support during my VBAC journey and found just the best we could in Sarah. She has the knowledge, the touch and a great sense of how to support you in every situation. We just had our baby - successful VBAC and thanks to Sarah, we were also able to accomplish a beautiful drug free natural birth. I didn't know,it was so empowering to have such an amazing experience and I truly give Sarah lots of credit. My husband was so ready to be part of this experience thanks to Sarah as well. He felt empowered and confident,which helped us a lot.
So, if you are looking for a doula, she is THE ONE.

Lucie K.


"Sarah’s presence during labor and the birth of our son was indispensable to our wonderful and empowering birth experience. Without Sarah, I don’t think I would have had a successful VBAC.My husband was able to focus on being my partner instead of worrying about being my birth coach. This allowed him to be fully present in our birth experience. For me, Sarah gave me confidence, emotional strength, focus and the courage to continue through 20 hours of labor. She knew just the right things to do and say at just the right moments. Having her holding my hand as I pushed my son into the world was a true blessing."

Kendra P.

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