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Gifts of Sheba Aromatherapy Store


Warm Energy Mist

Energize yourself with a warm blend of assorted citrus, Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang essential oils!



Lavender Fields Forever

For a relaxing and dreamy night...or to soothe a sleepless child :)



Labor Inhalers Kit

Citrus Magic, Relaxing Elixir, Peppermint Breeze, Labor Support


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Personal Inhaler

There's an inhaler for (almost) everything! Peppermint, Citrus, Bergamot, or Labor support, Relaxing Elixir, and more!


Vanilla Sensation.jpg

Vanilla Sensation

Sweet and warm vanilla tones for this Epsom salt mix, with a sprinkle of soothing Calendula petals, for extreme pampering!



Four Trimesters Aromatherapy Kit

Lavender Fields Forever roller, Summer in Provence, Fresh Breeze, Peppermint Breeze Personal Inhaler, Citrus Magic Personal Inhaler, Energy Mist, Postpartum Massage Oil, Diffuser Necklace



Happy Toes

Tea Tree, Lavender and Lemongrass, to fight Athlete's foot and make your feet smell fresh!


Purple cloud.jpg

Purple Cloud 

A soothing Epsom salt mix with cornflowers and natural dyes, infused with lavender essential oil: relax in style!



Sanitize My Soul

The hand sanitizer that smells good!


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