The #52WeeksofMotherhood Project: Week 38 (Drori's Birth Story)

When I asked Sarah Nurit Popivker, the owner of Tambourine Ma’am Doula in Cleveland, Ohio, if she’d like to share a story from her pregnancy or birth, I knew it would be a good one. Sarah is small and spritely and has birthed 5 gorgeous little boys. She has an inner calm and strength that she can’t help but bring to her birth work and daily life. I love this story for its straightforward honesty. She knew what her body was capable of and she trusted the process.

Here is Sarah’s Week 38:

“What is this sudden back ache? I better go inside and rest a bit”, I thought as I gave the tiny kittens I was fostering in our garage some more food. I had been pretty busy with them, giving them medications, making sure they were clean and well fed…but being at week 38 of pregnancy, I knew I had to make sure I was not overexerting myself as well.

I sat on the rocking armchair, and tried to relax.


I think this is labor.

And that’s when I remembered: I had to get to June 1st to be able to have my water birth: change in policies at the hospital, all VBACS with uneventful pregnancies could try for a water birth.

It was May 31st.

As cramps and the first contractions came, I expressed my frustration to Alec, who encouraged me and with an absolute optimistic voice told me not to worry, that everything would be ok and I would get my water birth.

Just a couple of hours had passed, it was really dark outside, and I realized that I had to stay focused to be able to go through the intensity of my contractions. There was no more the concept of hunger, or thirst, or time. I was surrounded by Alec and my boys, and my cat Gingy, and while sitting on the coffee table, I felt as if I was about to expel a honeydew.

“Call my friend”, I said.

It was time to go.

We got lost while looking for the entrance to the hospital, and I thought several times that I was gonna give birth in the car. We entered the hospital, and I kept telling everybody I saw (including the police officers, some random people, the floor cleaner) “My name is Sarah Popivker and I want a water birth”.

I looked at the clock of the nurses office. I had made it to midnight. It was June First, and if all was well I could have my water birth, my dream.

“No time for any routine stuff” the Midwife said “She is complete!”

The next thing I remember is the warm caress of the pool water, and me holding Alec’s and my friend’s hands, feeling the channel my body had prepared for my baby. I declined the offer to break my waters, and with the next contraction and a couple of spontaneous pushes came the baby, with a gush of clear amniotic fluid.

He was perfect, alert and happy to have joined us.

We were all crying in the room.

It was a mystical experience.

My friend told me that i was almost completely silent throughout transition and birth, no screaming, no moaning, just very focused.

38 Weeks, and the best birth experience i could ask for.

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From the 52 Weeks of Motherhood Project, by Nova Doula Services